Chatsworth, California,
09:32 PM

BBA Aviation Charitable Giving Program Donates to Ontic Locally-Supported Charity

In 2010, BBA Aviation launched its Charitable Giving Programme, a Group-wide initiative. The program complements the many existing charitable giving and community involvement programs that are supported throughout BBA Aviation’s operating companies. The aim of the program is to bring BBA Aviation mission and values to life by making a real and sustainable difference to the industries in which they operate and a positive and lasting influence on the communities in which they live and work, a key component of BBA Aviation’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

The BBA Aviation Charitable Giving Committee, which reviews applications to the BBA Aviation Charitable Giving Program, has selected Ontic, in Chatsworth, CA., to receive a financial donation in the amount of $10,000 for their locally supported charity SFV 99s Aviation Explorer Post 747.

> Team member Annette Wilson has been spearheading Ontic’s efforts to support Aviation Explorers Post 747 since June 2012.

> Aviation Explorers Post 747 is for kids aged 14 to 21 years who are interested in aviation. Their goal is to have each explorer meet their full potential and achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves related to aviation.

> Donations will be used to fund pilot license scholarship opportunities. In order to be eligible, the young adults are required to pass the FAA private pilot written exam prior to starting flight lessons. Thus basic aerodynamics, math, aircraft systems, flight instruments, FAA regulations, airport procedures, airport operations, weather, aircraft performance, enroute flight planning, aero medical knowledge, and navigation, are all part of the curriculum.

> Additionally, they must perform community and fundraising activities. Recently, they arranged a pancake breakfast fundraiser.

> Aviation Explorers Post 747 will continue their successful flying program that produces pilots and air traffic controllers.

For more information regarding the program and application forms for awards, please contact Traci Miller at