Chatsworth, CA,
12:00 AM

Henry L. Andrews Jr. joins BBA Aviation Legacy Support Group

Henry L. (Hank) Andrews, Jr., has joined BBA Aviation’s Legacy Support Group as Vice President of Business Development and Operational Capability reporting to Group President Peg Billson.

Previously, Hank was Assistant Vice President and Director of Business Development for the Applied Sciences Operation of Science Applications International Corp and Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing for Eclipse Aviation.

Hank joined the aerospace sector after 27 years in the Air Force, where he served in intercontinental ballistic missile operations, aircraft and munitions maintenance, and a variety of policy-making roles. He has commanded at the wing, group, and squadron levels and served in the office of the Air Force Chief of Staff, the office of the Secretary of Defense, and as the Inspector General for Air Force Materiel Command.

Hank holds graduate degrees from Louisiana Tech University and the National Defense University. He is also co-author and co-editor of the book Security in Korea: War, Stalemate and Negotiation, and has been published in Airpower Journal.

Peg Billson, President, BBA Aviation Legacy Support Group, commented:"We are delighted to welcome Hank to the BBA Aviation Legacy Support management team. Hank’s wealth of operational and strategic experience in the aerospace industry will bring significant benefits to the Legacy Support Group as it continues develop and grow."

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