Chatsworth, CA,
12:00 AM

Ontic Signs License With Securaplane Technologies

Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., the aerospace industry's leading producer of OEM-licensed components and accessories is pleased to announce its first product license with Securaplane Technologies Incorporated.

The license is for the manufacture and support of Securaplane's entire Wireless Smoke Detection Product Line.

The system is used in Commercial Transport and Business Aircraft. Applications include B727, B737-200 thru 700, BBJ, MD 81/82, DC8, DC9, 777- 200, GIV and Electra L-188.

News of the transaction was released by Robert Sadler, Director of Marketing and Licensor Relations, who stated "The support of legacy product lines under license is one of the many benefits Ontic provides to OEM's like Securaplane. We are pleased to begin our licensing relationship with Securaplane with this product line."

The Product will be transitioned from Securaplaneís Tucson, AZ facility and supported from Ontic's facility in Chatsworth, CA.

According to Shubhayu Chakraborty, Vice President and General Manager of Securaplane, "Licensing with Ontic allows us to provide support for our legacy products to customers for as long as they need it, allowing Securaplane to focus our efforts on our core business and future development."

For more information, contact Robert Sadler at 818 725 2100 or via