Cheltenham, UK,
05:08 PM

Ontic UK Supports Local Community and Outreach Charity

Ontic UK has taken to supporting local St. Michael’s Centre, a charity based in Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham. The charity was originally founded in 1846, initially set up by the Church to start up the local school. The centre now focuses on the community and outreach support. The area has many elderly people, whom are mostly housebound.

On the 2nd Friday of each month, St Michael’s holds a Lunch Club for the elderly. It not only provides the diners with a well-cooked, nutritious meal, but also an enjoyable social event. Recently, a team of Ontic volunteers has provided hands-on support with the catering/logistics, plus transport/drivers to pick the elderly up from their homes and take them for the lunch, then return them home again.

On Friday 14 August, Ontic volunteers transported many of the lunch attendees. When event organisers asked one of the attendees what they would be doing if they had been unable to make it to the lunch, they replied with "Staring at four walls." Huge thank you to Lee, Tina and Richard from Ontic UK for being a part of this experience!

It is Ontic's aim to be an active organisation among the community and with only two months into supporting this great initiative, they have received amazing feedback from St Michael’s, something so little, yet very rewarding for all involved.